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Contract Title: External Insulation of Temporary Structures (EITS)
Sponsoring Agency: Rapid Equipping Force, Fort Belvoir, VA

Synovision Solutions won the full and open competition for broad application of External Insulation of Temporary Structures. Synovision Solutions conducted the initial site surveys within 30 days, fielded CRC cleared spray teams in two countries simultaneously (one team in Afghanistan and one in Iraq), procured and delivered all materials. The contract called for the application of 200,000 square feet of coverage in Afghanistan and 200,000 square feet in Iraq. An option was executed for a total of 400,000 square feet in Iraq. Synovision Solutions’ successful completion of all insulation on the base and option at nearly half the projected price has allowed the REF to extend the contract for insulation of an additional 275,000 square feet.

Synovision Solutions provided primary contract management with responsibility to control and support field operations, procure, ship and deliver materials, be the primary interface for the CO/COR, execute all administrative and reporting requirements. Synovision Solutions was responsible for the ultimate completion of all tasks, compliance with contract requirements, and management of the sub-contractors. Planning in concert with our sponsor and team members allowed efficient operations in 3 countries and responsiveness to six contract changes and numerous task redirections, all without change to the contract value, slip in schedule, or reduced performance. 

Synovision Solutions has moved equipment by both ground and air means and has coordinated both. It has the ability to work with Iraqi companies who are authorized to transport US goods by ground. No goods under the control of Synovision Solutions were lost in transit. All shipping challenges were overcome with minimal impact to the work schedule and no task or requirement was failed due to shipping or personnel transport.

We have received very positive responses from the soldiers and their commands. On FOB Hammer, our insulation of one gymnasium allowed 200 KW of power to be redirected to a needed soldier support center. During a recent inspection of an MWR facility in Baghdad, the director of the facility had only accolades for what had been done and how it had significantly improved the conditions for the soldiers. The command has offered only positive comments as we have worked hard to fulfill their requirements and adapt to frequent changes. 


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