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project overview

Project Title: Nano-Catalyst Desulfurization System

Project Description of Services/Products:  Develop a benchtop prototype nano-catalyst desulfurization system  comprised of COTS components, commercially produced catalyst and newly designed reactor cell able to meet the following  performance specifications:


  • Removal of sulfur bearing species from “within spec” (MIL-DTL-83133S specification) JP-8 fuel (up to 3200 ppm) to 0.1 ppm or less (C.1.1)

  • Parametrics necessary for chemical reaction at or below 200C°, and pressures at or below 100 psi above pressures necessary for flow-through (C.1.2)

  • A flow rate sufficient for a combination fuel cell/reformer producing 1 kW of power regardless of the cell (estimated at 1 pint per hour) (C.1.3)

  • Utilize a non-precious metal nano-catalyst capable of regeneration through an oxidation process removing the sulfur (oxidation at/resulting in higher temperatures than the removal process with automated regeneration incorporated into the design) (C.1.4)

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