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Strategic Technology Development

Synovision Solutions is a thinking as well as a doing company leveraging a broad spectrum of noted experts and corporate partners to tackle challenging requirements. Extensive internal experience in strategic planning, project management, science and engineering, energy, and military operations provides the foundation for forming tailored teams to meet client requirements. Partners include over 1,000 scientists and engineers, Industrial Liaison Programs and direct programs with top tier universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Stanford University. Corporate partners who can also be immediately applied to challenges include Booz-Allen-Hamilton, Foster-Miller, Allen-Vanguard, Exponent, Reger Associates, Shell Unconventional Oil, Shell Oil Engineering, and a broad spectrum of individual consultants. Synovision Solutions also works with emerging technology partners internationally in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. 

  • Perform focused technology searches and assessment of commercial products

  • Analyze discipline specific technical issues utilizing subject matter experts

  • Conduct rapid prototyping and concept implementation experiments

  • Consult on technical due diligence activities for acquisitions

  • Collaborate on basic and applied R&D projects


Project Leadership

Project leadership experience internal to the company has successfully completed projects as small as rapid studies, valued at a few thousand dollars, to billion dollar multi-year complex systems. Synovision Solutions leverages the expertise of the internal management team as well as the capabilities of a network of professional management consultants. The team members provide extensive military operations expertise, including experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, in combination with strong technical skills in the scientific, engineering and computer science disciplines. 

  • Advise senior leaders and program managers of complex military systems

  • Direct research and development projects across industry and universities

  • Perform management of advanced computer systems development

  • Provide operations and logistics management consulting

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